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Following the Wild Edge

a collection of stories from shifting terrain

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Look to the edge.


Look to the place where places meet. Look beyond, into the unknown, and look back to what’s come before, and remain at the edge. This is where the magic happens. Here at the shore, or the river, or the fringe of the woods, something mystical flows, and she is beckoning.


Go out to the end of the road, and keep walking. Find that sacred place tucked into a pocket between railroad tracks and old buildings. Find that patch of earth where life finds every way to make herself known, and grown. It’s in your backyard, it’s in the city parks and along the streets, it’s along the banks of the creeks and rivers, and it’s along the shorelines, and in the fields and gardens, it’s in the mountains, the clouds, the sky, the very fabric of space and time… and this wildness is in you, too, and in me.

I am Alec Loorz, a photographer, writer, activist, and apprentice to wild mystery. This project is an effort to share some of the stories I've been gifted through encounters with landscapes and their inhabitants. Below is a glimpse  of these stories.


Note: This site is still being built, and eventually each of the below strips will lead to its own page, each an exploration of the moods and stories of that particular type of place. This is an ongoing effort, and will be woven together with an upcoming book project, multimedia content, and more.

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